Our ThinkRail railing system has been designed, engineered, and tested over the past decade specifically for use on multi-family residential developments or mixed-use properties. This system eliminates the stress and expense that can often be associated with the final stages of this kind of development.

Pre-built and assembled in our factory using premium quality, high performance materials, ThinkRail unitized panels (posts, glass, and rails) arrive on site ready for connection. This results in reduced mess and onsite assembly costs. While retaining the economic and rapid installation benefits of mass-produced railing systems, ThinkRail offers transparency and contemporary styling, achieving a high-end, modern look favored by architects.


Contemporary Styling

This sleek and stylish design offers high transparency to enhance lines of sight. With no exposed hardware and a small base plate, ThinkRail provides subtle sophistication, simplicity, and clean lines.


Modular and Pre-fabricated

ThinkRail is composed of standardized components and pre-fabricated sections that are produced in a factory and shipped “ready to connect.” By taking advantage of the production efficiencies and lower factory labor expense, you avoid the high costs of onsite assembly. This system considers the need for fast, organized, and on-schedule installation.


Superior fit and finish

The railing system parts are measured and cut by computer controlled machines in a factory. This results in a far superior fit and finish that even the best on site install teams cannot replicate. Finishing in a controlled factory setting according to a quality-centric process is more efficient, saves energy, and results in superior adhesion, color retention, and durability.


Speed of installation

ThinkRail is 100% unitized, providing no wait time for glass panels. As a result, install time is 50-70% faster than non-unitized systems. Faster pre-glazed installation eliminates continued requirement for onsite temporary fall protection.


Excellent price and value

ThinkRail provides the engineering and quality of a luxury rail system, in the price range associated with average quality systems. This system results in a “Class A” luxury look for far less than typical custom designed and engineered railing systems.

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• Four Seasons – Baltimore MD
• Somerset Condominiums – Chevy Chase MD
• Fuse 47 – College Park MD
• Columbia Place Apartments & Hotel – Washington DC
• Portals V – Washington DC
• St. Mathews Redevelopment – Washington DC
• Ballston Quarter – Arlington, VA
• Parcel O – Washington DC
• 680 Eye Street – Washington DC
• 150 Elgin, Ottawa ON
• Capitol Square Hyatt, Washington DC
• Founders Square, Arlington VA
• The Varsity, College Park MD
• GWU Residence Hall, MD



• Cooper Carry
• Dwell Design Studio
• Shalom Baranes Associates
• Eric Colbert & Associates
• Hord Coplan Macht


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