Menlo Park, New Jersey


The complete transformation of the 2nd level concourse railings during the 2015 renovation to Menlo Park mall dynamically changed the atmosphere of this NJ center. Interestingly, in the original renovation, budget and concept afforded only small cosmetic changes to the outdated exiting railings in the mall, due to budget and constructability concerns. Through Synergi’s 4-step process, the Team at Synergi was able to present Ownership with an innovative and unique approach to completely transforming and replacing the existing railing system with all new glass; the means and methods of which are proprietary and buried forever in the new tile curb!  All in all, the cost effectiveness of the complete turnkey replacement of the glass railings by Synergi was a clear cost-benefit to the project and gained approval. The system utilized was a customized Synergi Crystal shoe glass system with 1 ½” offset handrail – sleek and transparent.

Linear Feet of Rail


Scope of Work

Cost Benefit Analysis, Design Package, Forensic Investigation, Design-Build Demolition, Fabrication & Installation