National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Working closely with Kling Stubbins, architects based in Washington, D.C., Synergi created a highly complex technical design for a special high-security glass and stainless-steel enclosure. The structures purpose was to manage entry to the elevators, providing controlled access to the high-security areas of the main office building. Our key mandate was to achieve maximum strength as unobtrusively as possible. Our solution was a hybrid glass and metal system, designed to cost-effectively deliver the required functionality while preserving the architect’s required design aesthetic. Our in-house, experienced team created a modular cantilevered outrigger system with custom glass brackets and tension cables. This provided the required strength whilst simultaneously allowing a high degree of transparency, minimizing the visual impact of the metal structural components. The result is a highly secure, functional, yet strikingly beautiful structure.

Scope of Work

Design, Fabrication, and Installation

  • Minimalist glass and stainless steel design, unencumbered by obtrusive structural elements

    Contemporary glass and stainless steel security doors

  • Aesthetically pleasing angled 12ft-high support columns fabricated from 1 inch-thick water jet cut stainless steel plate

  • Machined stainless steel point support fittings for glass connections

    Stainless steel outriggers and tensioning cables support glass partitions