Cool Springs


Synergi became involved in this project just as the Architects, GC, and Ownership struggled with multi alternative mockups to the existing railings – none of which seemed to provide real transformative value to the outdated existing system. Upon involvement, Synergi immediately followed a consultative process to: 1. Review existing conditions thoroughly, 2. Present multiple engineered design options to the OAC Team, 3. Provide mockups in place, 4. Review the pro’s and con’s of each design option and facilitate a decision. The solution was to partially demo the existing system, keeping intact the substrate while installing an all-new, full-height glass system. The system utilized was a fully custom engineered glass panel post-supported with 1” 1 ½” stainless steel top channel.

Linear Feet of Rail


Scope of Work

Cost Benefit Analysis, Design Package, Forensic Investigation, Design-Build Demolition, Fabrication & Installation