1999 K Street, Washington DC, USA


We were excited to work with renowned architects Murphy/Jahn (now Jahn, in Chicago) on this technically challenging bespoke light sculpture and entrance lobby fit-out for a prestigious, award-winning office building in Washington DC’s business district. Synergi was involved in every stage of the project, from research and development, cost engineering, design, engineering, production of mock-ups and manufacture, right through to final install. The architect’s concept required almost 200 operable glass panels, each laminated with its own unique film pattern, to cover the ceiling and walls of the entrance lobby, forming a mosaic depicting an impressionist forest scene with computer-controlled LED lights providing a sense of movement. Finding a way to combine aesthetics, functional operation and structural integrity drew on our team’s expertise and wealth of experience, developing practical and innovative solutions to meet this unique set of needs and solve various technical challenges.

  • The bespoke light sculpture takes inspiration from nature – water, vegetation and air – and features a decorative operable point-supported glass wall and ceiling back-lit panel system over 4,000 square feet.

  • Backlit glass wall strip with stainless steel framing at the elevator lobby

  • The space was further enhanced with contemporary lobby furniture which included a custom stainless steel bead-blasted reception desk with integrated shelving and cabinets,a lobby bench and panelling

  • We designed a sophisticated point support system with integrated hinges to support the glass.