Jan. 2013
Synergi Minima Square design showcased at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) building in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Oct. 2012 - Webnet
Cutting-edge stainless steel, Swiss made, cable webnet in-fill panels used on high-end residential balcony.

Oct. 2012
Fabrication Starts in Greater Washington, DC Area

March 2012
Synergi Railing Systems completed on State-of-The-Art Norfolk State University Library in Norfolk, VA.

Feb. 2012
WBC Craftsmanship Awards Winner: Accent Architectural at the Brac 133 Bldg (Synergi Stair & Railing System.

July 2011
US Army Corp of Engineers - Star Partner Award: Accent Architectural is recognized for outstanding workmanship and ability demonstrated at the National Geospatial Intelligence – Agency Building.

Oct. 2011
President Obama at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication: "We Will Overcome." Accent Architectural designed, fabricated, and installed custom glass.