Accent Architectural has developed Synergi, an innovative new system of pre-engineered, adaptable, expandable railing products. Synergi's architect-approved designs save time, reduce costs and avoid risk while offering design freedom that, up to now, was only available with custom work. In addition, Synergi's exclusive expandability feature is ideal for adding a distinctive design signature to spaces such as atriums and lobbies.

All Synergi designs are pre-engineered to ensure they meet structural requirements and specifications (ASCE 7, IBC 2000, ASTM E985 and BS6180, BS6399-1, BS8300). This minimizes redrawing time, avoids extra costs and significantly reduces risk.

Creative freedom
Several railing post designs, each with its own character, can be combined with modular components and a wide range of material and finish choices to create a unique, customized look.

Meticulous quality
Accent Architectural's proven commitment to quality is built into each design. Every part is skillfully crafted and rigorously quality controlled. In addition, Accent offers the best warranty in the industry.

Design exclusives
> Ergonomic: Handrail brackets allow for a continuous handrail, creating an uninterrupted surface.

> Long infill distance: In certain applications, infill panels can be up to 5 inches longer than in other systems, offering extended design options and savings on materials and installation.